Tuesday, January 3, 2012

happy new year

wow. the festivities are (almost, we have yet to do a siblings christmas party, but plans are in the works for tomorrow evening) over.

the presents have been opened

and adored

and explored.

the memories made.

the beauty has happened, and continues each day as we celebrate our saviour in the living of our lives for his glory.

so here we are, 2012. being in this place of another new beginning provides considerable opportunity. i know myself well enough to know despite all my best intentions, resolutions just do not happen. instead i feel overwhelmed and badly failing that my house still looks a mess, my body still does not have delightfully toned muscles, and my kids have not been lovingly taught scripture each morning by their incredibley capable and organized mama.

therefore, i am committed to enthusiastically exploring the blessings god has in store for us this year. i am feeling a calling to live more simply, in a place of contentment marveling at the abundance in my life. i am not sure what this exactly looks like, but i sense it has something to do with not being frustrated about our literally two cabinets that we deem a pantry and the lack of room for storing food it provides but rather purchasing only the food we need for that week or so instead of cramming bag after bag of chips in a space that can only hold one. i am sensing it has something to do with less thoughts of needing to email a friend back/needing to get the taxes in order/needing to find maxer's homework and more to do with scheduling time to get those things completed. something to do with less time spent grieving over the mom i do not have and rejoicing in the extremely redeeming relationships god has placed in my life.

(especially with this handsome stud i get to call my husband)

my heart is readied to receive these gifts of instruction and change.

the things he uses to teach me are what fill my days. so it begins.

this new year has brought with it snow and my children are reveling in its freezing cold existence. already this morning the boys have been outside sledding down a hill created by brad's plowing prowess. bear came in 3 times to change mittens before he finally called it quits. thankfully, as i was out of fresh mittens and the last switch was to ayla jo's pair of pink ones.

last night baby blue had her first experience outside in snow as a walker. so. fabulously. cute. bradley took us all out on the mule and we rammed around the yard and did donuts on the street. the boys would yell "ay ay ay ay ay. Live Action" as proclaimed by the turtle man on the discovery channel. cupcake would scream right along with them; kicking her legs and waving her little bundled arms the whole time.

one more quick aylaroo story: she peed on the potty last night. i know. she is 16 months old and she told me poop and walked into the bathroom so i obliged in putting her on the little potty. after settling in, she peed. i nearly peed as well at that discovery. i screamed for brad and he fell in love with his little dolly more than ever as he vividly recalled the $60 we spent on diapers and wipes during our last trip to costco and was already planning how to not use that money on diapers.

talk about making up for lost time on the blog. now to get my preschooler prepared for back to school...

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