Friday, January 20, 2012


wednesday, we escaped the winter blahs by heading to the grand rapids children museum to quell some of our many curiosities. the adventure was made even more beautiful as we experienced the craziness with 2.5 of our faves, the klein girls and baby boy to be who will be referred to as russell ronald until the day he is born. brad is the best at coming up with spectacular in utero names. maxer was baby desiree before he was born. we are so thankful he was a boy and bradley was not tempted to keep his stripper name. we were not the onlies with that grand idea. we were greeted with approximately 345 elementary school students and their teachers/parents. oh boy. our kids were not deterred. rather they dashed ahead scoping out each exhibit at warp speed.

the sandbox was a favorite, captivating everyone's attention for awhile. though i was somewhat confused as to why they were drawn to something they typically have access to at home, i enjoyed not chasing anyone and getting a sec to chat with jess. they probably are having sand withdrawal since a beautiful blanket of snow covers the sand these days.

with 1 live animal at a time rotating through a duck, chinchilla, and lizard. they also had a table containing some furs. my kids were not that impressed. they see more wildlife at home what with my faux fur cheetah scarf and harv running around.

we had similar response to the wackiness of wacky wednesday. on the whiteboard we passed walking into the museum was written "its wacky wednesday! try skipping instead of walking!" really? that is not that wacky people. i am quite certain however that we brought enough wacky with us to allow the day to live up to the name. i am not naming names or anything, but...

maxers favorite experience were the bubbles. huge people encompassing bubbles.

bear loved driving the car. this exhibit literally made my heart race as i said a silent prayer of protection when the day comes when bear can actually drive.

ayla jo was constantly entertained by it all. what a pleasure to witness her cute little mind taking it all in!

i personally enjoyed watching my boys take to chicken farming. bear was especially deft at pulling eggs from the chicken. he knows how to get this done!

this day was such a blessing. dedicated to the kids, my heart overflowed with joy getting to spend quality time with my faves. nothing else needed to be accomplished other than keeping track of the cuties. that was enough. no laundry needed to be folded or food made.

thank you to grandma jen for her generous gift of this day of fun and learning and mcdonalds.

thank you jess for sharing your friendship and daughter with her adoring fans.

thank you lord for a world designed by your creative hand.

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