Friday, January 6, 2012

a day of living the dream

we enjoyed a friday at the farm.

so thankful for our participation in the snowfest yesterday as today it literally melted away. we stayed in, feeling the warm sun streaming in the windows. at one point max exclaimed, "the sun is so shiny!" and that it was.

the day began with both boys snuggled in beside me in our bed. never would i recommend our sleeping habits to another fam, but i truly and mostly adore them. bear snuck down early in the morn to pee, then bundled himself up in our bed cute as can be. maxer must have heard brad leave, because he took over the daddy's spot and whispered it 556, does that mean morning? i said no, goodnight and dug deeper into the down.

a day without plans afforded us the opportunity to begin to tackle the toyroom bomb. my boys actually throw toys around up here, jump on an old mattress, and stir up every puzzle piece, lego and block into a concoction resembling a primary colored stew. mostly we let it go, but it had gotten to the point where they could not play with toys for lack of finding them in the midst of the chaos. so we began the process of sorting and discarding and playing in the middle of it all.

bear found two batman action figures from mcdonalds that were hidden in a drawer. he showed them to me and informed me that they were daddy's brothers. there are lots of similarities between all three heros; bear is a perceptive boy.

that is a smile, by the way.

we played a little tea party, with weston enjoying himself almost as much as ayla jo.

girls bring all kinds of new activities to the playtimes, including babies. and my baby blue loves her babies hard. her fave dolly has suffered a severe injury to her hand, causing three fingers to come off. i do not know the cause of this damage, but i did purchase a replacement tonight at target during a winter boot run for maxer.

aylaroo has adopted this newest addition with all her love, and it seriously melts my heart. so sweet.

our biggest accomplishment today was assembling cupcake's toy kitchen she received from us for christmas. wow. i will be the first to admit i am not mechanically minded. i would rather describe in detail my thoughts and feelings in regards to the kitchen than build it. maxer was especially helpful in locating the correct letters corresponding to the instructions, and losing screws left and right. here is what i know: it is still standing, though leaning somewhat, and has already provided much appreciated distraction.

upon brads arrival home, we took the fam out for some authentic mexican at that little place by crazy horse. i felt extremely out of my element as the only individual who could not speak spanish beyond si. even though brad works daily with spanish speakers, he lost all ability to comprehend and relied on me and my enthusiastic nods and thank yous to order. i liked his meal better than mine, but we left full. the bad news- there were four tvs playing some sort of final destination movie all around the dining room. totally inappropriate. for the 30 minutes we were there, there were boobs, naked, and 4 violent deaths. brad and i were working real hard to keep the boys' attention elsewhere as they are magnetically drawn to tvs. it was comical how we would make up things we saw out the window, frantically do letter/color scavenger hunts and close our eyes in prayer at the worst parts of the show. stressful!

regardless, the day was casual and beautiful and full of chillaxin enjoying the little things. love that kind of treasure at the end of the week!

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