Sunday, January 22, 2012

enjoying the small things

sickness in our fam forces a major slow down.

though i hate that maxer's tummy was upset resulting in a restless and floppy 5 year old, i adore the opportunity to change pace to something allowing for true recognition of all the little lovelies that make up our days. yesterday, we certainly enjoyed the small things:

tea time

lets play this all day long please. (thats my request, not necessarily aylaroos. i cannot get enough of the darling pouring of tea)

tea for two with bear. my daughter now refers to her brother as bear bear. it is the cutest.

though it looks like baby blue is all about sipping tea ladylike from her cup, she is actually yelling into it and then giggling about the way her voice sounds.

notice the hair pretties i love them more than ayla jo does.

watching youtube videos.

stuck tractors are a favorite, look how involved those cutes are!

baking some sweet treats with my cupcake

the snow

bundling the cutest little snow bunny ever in preparation for this:

mule sledding

getting a good pic of this ordeal is quite complicated, even with the new christmas camera at my disposal. sitting on my knees on the back of the mule, trying to keep from shooting over the side of the thing, bracing myself against the jarring, and capturing the glee on the faces of my sons is to much for me to handle.

bradley and i are reading wild at heart together as our devotions. awesome book all about how god intentionally created men's souls to long for adventure and conquest. all my boys proved that theory to be absolutely true by participating heart and soul in our outdoor activity.

what better combination in winter than an atv with daddy behind the wheel and children strung behind?!

there were a few spills. we almost lost bear. well, we did lose bear, but stopped long enough for him to catch up. he is one wild child. totally worth waiting for ;)

even baby blue got in on the action with the assistance of her insanely long legged mom. seriously, i do not even know where to go with those things. clearly that is obvious from the pic.

the sunset

after all the crazy awesome tricks the boys impressed us with while mule sledding, god gave us the best show of all.

a beautiful gift given out of love. look at his splendor, its all over. in the sky, in these beautiful faces.

the nest.

the perfect ending to our day of chillaxin. babes and parents snuggled together amidst every sleeping bag and throw we can find. the boys actually spent the entire night here in this blanketed bliss.

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