Wednesday, November 9, 2011

show and tell

maxer presented show and tell for the first time ever yesterday. this is a big deal. each day a student gets the opportunity to present one of their fave items. and bring a snack, but that is really the mom's job to get that to school. and with me as the mom, you just never know. the last 2 things i have been responsible for bringing, an apple, and broccoli, i have brought the day before it was due. embarrassing.

i digress. this was maxer's day.

we spent the morning selecting the cars to go inside his chosen object to share: a red semi like jason kleins. maxer was excited. i was excited to have the requested chocolate pudding in hand on the right day. wes was excited to watch a show in the veen. ayla jo was just excited about her blee blees.

as i escorted him into school, he held tightly to his truck with a look of pride and anticipation on his cute little face. i arrived early to pick him up so as to ask his teachers about details involving the big event. i asked miss cassie if there was any telling or just showing today. at conferences, miss molly had mentioned maxer is super shy and quiet and they would love to see him open up a bit. well, he did.

miss cassie said she had to ask maxwell to stop talking so they could move on to other things. he had so much to say about the cars, his favorites, how mom bought it at a garage sale, and the truck with the crane that fits perfectly into the bigger spot on the bottom row. my heart delighted in knowing he excitedly expressed himself at school. so. precious.

now for some fun facts on the other two: weston bear has been really testing me lately by flinging himself on the ground and scream crying loudly in public places. hate. this. but yesterday, when i took ayla jo to get her pics taken, bear really rose to the occassion and modeled beautiful behaviour. he listened obediently, and assisted me in keeping baby blue occupied and inside the studio without me even asking. wes really cherished all the positive praise he was getting. we attempted this picture visit while maxer was in school, so he was the biggest bro and loving it. he kept telling the photographer he was 3 and had spiders on his coat. i thanked him repeatedly for being such a good boy.

the baby cutie pye continues to grow and develop in the most enchanting ways. she enjoys attention and shrugs her shoulders cutely when people remark on her fabulous ways. ayla jo now lifts any injury to my lips for kisses and oinks whenever i put her jammies on because one pair of them has piggies on the feet. she does not differentiate that specific sleeper, just oinks for every one.

love those babes!

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