Wednesday, November 23, 2011

thanksgiving prep

o how we anticipate the thanksgiving holiday. though we have blessings enough to be praising the lord daily for his bounty, dedicating a day to pause our usual busyness and lift our hands and hearts in gratefulness is beautiful. this year we are especially thankful that the puke a palooza has ended in time for us to gather with precious family and celebrate together. we are kzoo bound tomorrow after brad takes care of the chickens and we are excited.

today is a day full of preparations. and there is excitement in getting our spirits, foods, and selves ready for the holiday tomorrow. this morning we squeezed in some much needed haircuts for the boys courtesy of booker institute. while looking through some recently developed pics of maxer's first day, it became painfully obvious the time had come to trim that fuzz. maxer was completely independent and considerably well behaved the entire time.

weston was not. while getting him dressed this morning, he asked if he could take a pink spatula along. i said absolutely, he responded "i will hit that girl with it". we left the spatula at home. during the cut, he screamed as if in severe pain and yelled to miss katie to put his hair back. wow.

the results were adorable though.

since the morning was already quite stressful, we thought, hey, lets join the 1.5 million people shopping at meijer today. truthfully, the children were exceptional throughout the shopping. they were rewarded with donuts, while i was rewarded with starbucks. we almost made it out when i noticed the jr's sweater dresses were on sale. i have really been wanting one and thought thanksgiving the perfect occasion to sport a new ensemble. so i harassed a little 13 year old stranger into telling me which dress she liked for me, and proceeded to purchase my forced fashion consultants choice.

auntie kels visited this afternoon, much to the delight of the whole fam. we are thankful for family! after a delightful service at ridge we returned home for tacos and bed.

even as getting ready consumed our day, may we ready our hearts to acknowledge the giver of all good and perfect gifts. thank you jesus for your sacrifice, your love manifested in death to bring us life. may tomorrow serve to bless you lord for all your blessings to us. your mercy is new every morning, and we are eternally grateful.

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