Friday, November 18, 2011


praise the lord our daddy is home!

brad returned last night from his annual hunting trip. truth be told, i am thankful he gets an opportunity to be manly with other men. however, i am terrible at being left home. especially when home has the pukes.

harv never left the sikkie's side. one of the rare occasions that i adore the dog.

and this home totally had them. so all my fun plans of going to the zoo with auntie beans and uncle austin were flushed down the toilet along with the contents of maxers tummy. i quickly mentally rearranged the possibilities of this week, throwing out exciting outings and fun with friends but keeping mcdonalds and no cooking for mama. sadly, day one had nothing redeeming. when i tried to convince maxwell to take a ride in the veen and get a new redbox, he burst into tears saying he still did not feel good. his whole body was broke he said. well that was that, no leaving.

bear and ayla and i spent a long day attempting not to disturb the hurting and broken big brother. maxer flopped from the couch to the floor, whining and crying constantly. i tried locking the littles into ayla jo's room, weston's room, my room, any room away from max and coating anything and everything with lysol in desperate attempts to keep the pukes from spreading.

day 2 we ventured out.

it was like a rebirth. though slow on the draw, max was done puking and restless. we went to the

outdoor discovery center, mcdonalds, and redbox.

there were tears and crabbiness every step of the way. at mcdonalds, i saw my uncle jeff but looked so atrocious i avoided him. sorry jeff, really it would have embarrassed us both to acknowledge my disheveled and gross presence. i let each child pick out a cheap toy from walgreens to left the morale and round out my puke prevention/treatment purchases of gatorade, saltines and squirt.

day 3 maxer seemed to go back a couple steps. he had hot poop. bear complained of an owie tummy as well, so i equipped him with puke bucket and towels. later, i found the puke bucket in the bathroom filled with pee. when i confronted bear on this disgusting discovery, he laughed. and then was punished. i then emptied another container of lysol. eventually, we went to the library in order to settle some disputes regarding fox and the hound 2. things did not go well and we returned home crabby one and all. baby blue took comfort in food. just like her mama.

day 4 the darkness continued. bear puked during the night. i had pine rest prepare the paperwork for my admission as i was losing my mind. i did go to russ' for comfort food as we needed to return the redbox again and they have a drive thru. max hit me. he cried. i cried. wes cried. ayla cried.

day 5. the homecoming was beautiful because brad was present and he brought donuts. brad even surprised maxer at school. when max spied daddy through the window during snack time, his whole face became an exuberant display of love and adoration. precious. as soon as he was released, maxer ran right to dad and told his friends, thats my dad. when climbing into the truck, max yelled out to elliot "my daddy brought my truck". dont tell max, but i do believe brad offered to sign it over to his eldest son right then and there.

today we continue to recuperate. ayla jo got the pukes the day after brads return and there is tummy troubles left and right around here. but we need not wait to feel 100% to be 100% content, grateful, and happy to all be home and a fam together again.

welcome home bradley.

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