Thursday, June 30, 2011

summer cut

today, the last day of june, is the first day maxer proudly wears his hair newly shortened. getting max's haircut has been on my list of things to do for weeks, but there was always something keeping me from scheduling the appointment. last week, for example, max battled with poison ivy and i dared not bring him to booker in fear that the cosmetologists would think he was diseased.

so yesterday i bit the bullet and gave booker institute of cosmetology a call to get max in there yet that afternoon. apparently many people wanted to get haircuts yesterday because amy the sweet lady who answered the phones relayed that the one and only available appointment was in half an hour from right then and there. sometimes, when i want to get max's haircut i just want it done. i was sick and tired of thinking about it, hearing brad gently suggesting that i take care of the ever increasing size of max's head, and i did not want to add another thing to do for the next day, so i said amy, we are on the way. i frantically finished making our sandwiches and was about to drag kids to the van when i remembered i had no cash after an especially pricey aldi outing earlier in the week. that means i would also have to stop at an atm before the appoitment time. even with my most positive attitude and optimistic outlook, there was no way we could make it.

amy and i talked again, this time i admitted my inability to make the appointment i just made and promising to be there at 9am the next morning. my mother in law was planning on watching the kids for me in the morning so i could go to stow company and scan my heart out. i planned to get the haircut out of the way before work and just be productive as possible with my day. after an early waking by me and my children, we were in the veen around 8:30. amazing. i even called brad as this is an accomplishment worth celebrating. when we arrived at booker with 7 minutes to spare, i made a very disappointing discovery: the boys did not have shoes on.

not having enough time to go back to the house, i reprimanded the boys and told them not to make a big deal out of it, maybe no one would notice. flip flops are not all that visible, so bare feet may not stand out to much. wrong. after loading all three into one single stroller, we made it into the salon only to have a lady having a bad day demand my kids where shoes. i do not fault her. because gross. and then the whole hair slivers thing. (she may have made up this evil and painful ailment, but it does sound awful.)

i convinced her i would not let their piggy toes touch the ground. so i had ayla on my hip, max standing on the front of the stroller, and weston riding in the seat. i almost peed my pants trying to get to the chair. but we made it the 10 feet necessary. max did awesome. answering questions sweetly, sitting patiently and not letting his barefeet touch the ground. ayla cooed and smiled and looked adorable all the while she was held close. bear whined, complained and tried to escape the confines of the stroller. i buckled him in and used an amazing amount of restraint in not slapping him upside the head.

$6 later, maxer has a brand new haircut and i have finally written another blog. i would say that is a success, even without shoes!

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