Tuesday, July 5, 2011


alya jo is 10 months old.

clearly, we are both a little shocked her and i. this concept seems incomprehensible to my mind. my sweet baby girl is becoming a toddler right before my eyes! while toddling she is not, she certainly is thinking about crawling. or creeping. well, definitely moving!

both of my sons were walking at 10 months. my daughter is not as interested. entertainment comes to her, she need not move with two doting brothers and enamored parents.

her efforts are the cutest. seeing her little rumpess in the air as she struggles to make sense of moving legs and arms together to reach her goal.

please also note the adorable pony gracing that cute little head of hers. all 3 hairs looks so precious when grouped together!!! this darling doo was first debuted at my sweet sister kelsey's graduation openhouse and has been in an almost constant state of spike ever since.

this little cupcake has my whole heart. i am so grateful to be her mommy. what a privilege it is to watch this little miracle grow, develop, and learn new tricks. i happily anticipate celebrating her many milestones with my beautiful babe as her proud mommy.

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  1. what a pumpkin!!! She is adorable! and that pony is too much! You are such a wonderful mama!