Wednesday, June 1, 2011

a memorable memorial

memorial day was everything it should be: beautiful, summery, filled with family and good food. we took advantage of the holiday by taking the family to the beach!

with the amazing recreation pass deal i bought with our license renewal tabs, the meistes actually got to park right in the parking lot instead of down the road a ways. i felt a little rockstar ish about the whole thing. and extra friendly to the toll dude. poor guy

oh bliss. sweet, summery, bliss.

we arrived early in the day and rolled right into a primo parking spot. a beautiful breeze greeted us and we walked the pier to check out boats and fishermen. that big fuzz behind my head in this pic is just my hair, do not be alarmed. summer brings out the frizz. i am really counting on my little cupcake ayla to be cute enough for the both of us these days.

the boys especially enjoyed seeing all the dead fish on the pier. exciting!

the sun was shining big and bright.

eventually, we planted ourselves alongside the pier in the midst of dunes, and grass, and trees.

can we just take a minute to admire this pic of my studly husband 60 pounds lighter? hot!

the spot was absolutely perfect for our explorers, and first time beach goer. brad and i lounged together for about 2.5 seconds before we realized our boys were getting ever braver in their little jaunts down the dune. then we alternated our positions and soaked up the sun while chasing boys or scraping sand off our girl.

we utilized the swings, the bathrooms, and the sidewalks all to the delight of the entire fam. when we departed around 1, there was a line to get into the beach all the way to obi. great minds the alike :)

at the homefront, the temp was a climbing inside our house as well as out. apparently my attempts at suggesting we turn on the air conditioning were perceived much more as complaints. finally, brad sternly said he would agree to turn the air on if i agreed to stop complaining. he finished the bargain by saying if i complained again, he would smash the thermostat right off the wall. for those of you who do not know brad well, this was said with good humor and fun. he is not an angry man and really a jokester. before i could sign on the dotted line, max intervened:

no daddy. then you will go to jail. we wont be a family anymore. everyone will be sad"

well that sure stopped us in our banter. where in the world did that come from?! funny! we both assured maxer that his concocted scenario would never happen and we were still happily in love, the night continued on with love all around.

no more soap operas for mommy! just kidding, i really do not watch soaps. because when? and my life is drama enough!

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  1. Wonderful Day! I can't believe Max came up with that? Crazy and also very cute :). Love you guys