Tuesday, June 7, 2011


guess what we did this morning?

here's some hints: we do this a lot lately, it is expensive, and its the title of my post...

thats right! we went back to dr lunds office this morning. this time, we had two items on our agenda: the baby's 9 month well child visit, and bears clavicular concerns.

here is what i know:

ayla jo

cutest little cupcake ever!!

waving, clapping, sniffing, and babbling right on schedule.

weird click of the hip, not so surprising as both me and sister kels can pop our hips out of joint.
little cyst on ring finger of her right hand, something i also have.

no crawling yet, or creeping, but no worries!!

27", 18 lbs 4 oz the 25th and 50th percentile respectively

weston bear

29 pounds, 37 3/4 inches tall

BROKEN clavicle. at long last, his little bod sprouted a calcified deposit that is evidence of a broken clavicle. his first broken bone. poor little bear!

now he just got stung by a bee. not even kidding.

here's what happened before the dr

i was loading up the van with bear, and Bear had to poop. in order to speed up the process, i insisted he use brads bathroom, where we keep harv's kennel. bear screamed hysterically because harv was barking at him and who could poop when that is happening? so i took harv out, chained him to the doorknob, and assisted the pooper. then left.

brad texted me while at the dr "did you forget about harv". why, yes, yes i did forget about harv. no water. 90 degrees. leash stuck so he could not even sit down. whups. sorry harv. brad rescued him.

ps- i did apologize to dr warpol and give her a card. humbled.


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  2. What about those cookies??? Did they not make it to the doctor's office? :) Glad the Wes mystery is solved, but feel so bad for him! Going to have to hit up Perrigo for more drugs... Praying it heals swiftly with very little pain for him and you!