Monday, October 4, 2010


welcome to the season full of beautiful colored leaves, delicious crisp apples, and yummy desserts of pumpkin and pecans. though fall brings cooler temps, we are choosing not to grieve over the loss of hot summer days spent entirely outside and the onset of nonstop illness (i have already had the flu once. boo), but celebrating the blessings of fall instead!

fieldwork: yes, it surely separates the fam as brad spends his days and nights in a tractor or combine, but nothing compares to the excitement in my boys as they run out to ride with their daddy. so precious.

the corn stove: brad purchased our pellet stove soon after we were married and we have enjoyed it ever since. the cozy temps and delightful smell just makes our family time in the living room even more comfy. we started it up for the first time yesterday and found evidence of the boys' play- a large hunk of crust wedged into the fan and a matchbox car shoved into the air vent. thankfully, brad removed both without irreversible damage.

kitty: no, the cat is not allowed inside. however, it hangs around outside the front door scavenging for food and the boys climb up on strategically arranged stools and talk to the kikiki from the window. this is hilarious and entertaining for me to witness as they attempt to scare the kitty away.

creativity: the children must get creative with their inside confinement. yesterday maxer gave himself a sharpie tattoo right on his forehead. lovely.

reading time: maxer and bear are more apt to snuggle with mom and read some stories if the option to go outside is not so available. we have been reading lots of bible stories this morning. in fact maxer believes he has a good command of the stories and is currently reading them to bear. "this man has an owie toe and god healed him. these kids are sad but god made them happy. this is a horsey that god made" oh boy, now he has integrated me and brad into the stories: "here is mommy with a tiger", a typical day for mom obviously.

thank you jesus for the change of seasons! let us enjoy the unique time of fall, looking for you in the beauty outside our homes and the love inside.

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