Tuesday, October 19, 2010

here comes the bride

in just about two short months, my little sis is getting married! i am super excited for her to enter into a marriage with her fiance austin because i know how incredible marriage can be. the love, the stability, the fun, and the joy of living with your bestest friend are my own marital experiences and ones that i prayerfully anticipate she will receive as well. with the date so quickly approaching, we took some time yesterday while she was home on break to take care of some wedding business: the boys' tuxes.

what an honor it is to have my sons a part of the blessed event. truly, so touching. and a little frightening as their obedience skills leave much to be desired. however, beans (my sis) is willing to take that risk for the presence of her nephews parading down the aisle in their cute little tuxes.

we loaded the veen with children, donuts, suckers, and juiceboxes and hit the open road for grandville where we located the mens warehouse. after explaining to the boys what was going to happen in there, getting dressed for beans' wedding, we entered the store and the boys ran to the few grody/dirty toys for our convenience. ayla utilized this moment of distance from the boys to begin her screech cry.

thankfully, the mens warehouse man was totally understanding. maxer was up first. oh was he brave, following directions so well: airplane, soldier, standing tall. then he donned the jacket, adorable. i melted with delight at the glance of my grown up son so handsome.

bear was up next. things did not go as smoothly. initially, he flung himself on the floor in a collapse of boy. next i attempted to put him on the table for his measure and he clung to me for dear life screaming "mommy, where are you?". he could not get closer to me if he tried unless he was under my skin. sweet, but embarrassing. we finally managed to get a jacket on him which he wore oh so well. mission accomplished, sort of.

since all children began a melt down, we departed fast and furiously to the veen. once veggie tales was plugged in, hooked ayla up to the goods, and doled out snacks, i was feeling good about my cute sons' presence in the upcoming nuptials. while megan took care of the finances (seriously, $ 110 to rent max's tux and 65 to purchase bears. ouch, thank you beans for your generosity with the gift cards!!), max took a potty break in the trees three feet away from the van. do not worry, i made sure he went quite far into the tree so no drivers by would see the precious little boy with his pants down :)

with this detail taken care of, we are one step closer to welcoming austin into the fam!! woo hoo

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