Saturday, September 25, 2010

tricky with three

adjusting to three children brings joy, frustration, contentment and sweat. now, the children outnumber the parents. though only by one, it can seem like it is by 1,000 when they all have different wants and needs and expect them to be met immediately. brad and i are a stellar team (mostly), and i depend upon his fathering skills to be the best at mothering as i can. therefore, when brad is absent, oh do i feel that absence.

recently, he has ventured on a golf trip and is currently in the throes of harvest season. truly, we are fine and totally surviving. things are just a little different without brad around. there is a learning curve involved and the main lesson for me is to pick my battles. i cannot possibley be privy to all the boys are doing while i am tending to ayla. this realization is something the boys have certainly picked up on and are doing all they can to take advantage. i am so thankful that ayla is such a determined and persistent nurser, for frequently battles are raged while i am attempting to feed her. here are some of the fights i have had with the boys today while nursing:

getting popsicles out of the freezer and consuming them at 8:52 in the morning while completely ignoring their breakfasts. this one i let go- at least they will be well hydrated and sugared

"rocking" the pack n play to the point where it tips over and bear cries oh no broken! as ayla was not in the portable crib at the time, i let this fly as well. do not fear, she is never out of sight as this sort of "gentle" attention is the only kind the boys possess. even when i take a shower i lock her in the bathroom with me

checking on the kitty. outside. alone. fight, i won by dragging each boy in and keeping them in time out, all while nursing. the girl can suck.

throwing clothes down the stairs. clean and folded and put away clothes. battle. i have enough to do without doing it twice boys.

ps- it is only one o'clock. about time for a nap i would say!!


  1. I am exhausted for you! And Ayla is a champ!!! I am super impressed

  2. You are super mommy at her finest, that is for sure! I don't think I could manage. You do a wonderful job my friend :)