Tuesday, October 5, 2010

i'm lovin it

my husband rocks. seriously, he is my fave. i celebrate this fact, acknowledge this info,and hopefully let brad know this feeling even when he is oft absent from family life and present in the field instead. mondays are difficult days of adjustment after we just got to spend the whole day together. the boys frequently melt down and whine for daddy, especially when i am mean by making them take a nap, or clean up, or eat or something.

so, yesterday we were struggling through the day while knowing that the night would be long without brad. i attempted to break things up by taking the kids to timber town where all the other moms had really cute outfits on that fit well and matched appropriately. they also had super nice hair, styled, curled, and staying right where they wanted it. then there was me. my hair was wet and pulled back in a big snarl. my outfit consisted of a sweatshirt my darling sis gave me because it did not fit well. i mention this only because much of my day was consumed thinking of how i really should put forth more effort in my appearance so that brad continues to find me a hot mama. and this thought pattern made my day seem even longer.

kids played, kids napped, and kids woke up with some whines. i distributed snacks continually until suppertime arrived. and then, i fell in love all over again.

brad called to say he had 1/2 hour available for dinner, would i like to meet him at mcdonalds?

let me just say that mcdonalds has a special place in my heart. a place of love and adoration. it is a restaurant i could dine in three times a day every day without getting sick of it. i love the variety, i love the cute ads, i love the fries, i love big macs, i love that my boys usually eat something when we are there, and i love fountain coke. so my answer to brad's question was;

h to the yeah.

i threw all babies into the veen and careened to m40 where i saw the golden arches beckoning me like a beacon in the darkness. within the restaurant itself sat my man, who after working all day, has made ME dinner. i fell in love all over again over my big mac and the boys' nuggets. i literally giggled as i gazed into the eyes of my beloved (brad, not the big mac)

oh what a night.

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