Friday, October 8, 2010


new babies are miracles manifested before our very eyes. ayla has filled our life with wonder and joy and faith renewed as we watch her grow and develop. god's design for family, and specifically motherhood, continues to amaze me. the whole nursing experience is just beyond me: so so strange, but so so beautiful at the same time. currently, nursing is the only down time i have during which i am not asleep. my appetite definetel exemplifies my need to continue eating for two. the other day i had a $5 footlong from subway at 4 and still consumed a very hefty portion of porkchop and potatoes at 7.

i do take a little pride in seeing my angel ayla go from this teeny tiny babe

to this slightly less tiny of a babe

relying on my milk as her sole source of nourishment. now that is progress. wild.

having a little daughter overwhelms me with gratitude. i love the pink (reminder: pink is my fave color followed closely by the color sparkle). however, the differences in raising my girl and my boys extend far beyond clothing and diaper changes.

most prominent in my own mind right now is the gift that god gave me to redeem mother/daughter relations in my life. with ayla i get the opportunity to have a healthy mother/daughter relationship full of all the blessings god intended for this unique bond that i did not get to experience fully with my own mother. though this lack of example certainly intimidates me, i am confident jesus will provide me the love and instinct necessary to fully enjoy this special gift of being a mommy to a daughter.

also, my prayers for baby ayla are distinctly different. for her i pray she finds an example in me of a proverbs 31 (ish) woman. i pray that she recognizes how she already completely captivates her daddy. i pray that she finds in my relationship with brad an example of marraige she will strive to find in her own life.

i also frequently pray for patience, but that is for me and involveds my feelings about all my children ;)

may i be your intstrument jesus in raising these cherished gifts of children.

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