Monday, September 20, 2010

complete chaos aka ayla's baptism

baptism is a sacred affair, one we took very seriously. ayla is god's first and we are committed to raising her to know and love him. before launching into the story of ayla's special evening, i wanted to make sure to clarify that we do take baptism seriously...

it is just our boys who do not.

perhaps that is a bit unfair. maybe they just do not know how to appropriately express their excitement at being honored as brothers of sweet baby ayla, the one we are so lovingly bringing before the lord and our friends and fams to announce the desire of our hearts: to give her all the opportunity to establish her own faith.

yes, the latter is definitely what adorable maxer and bear were struggling with that night.

it is no secret that brad was not exactly looking forward to standing in front of the community of believers making up the audience on baptism night, but i do believe he scarcely had time to think of that fact. all children were behaving moderately well while waiting for ayla's turn. by the time we got on stage, brad held weston in his arms and maxer's hand while i was cradling ayla. all was peaceful until maxer began crawling under the curtain on the stage, much to the baptism coordinator's dismay. she conveyed with her eyes to brad that something had to be done immediately to stop max from peeking under that curtain. brad gently set weston down to drag max back to his spot between parents when weston bolted. he ran full tilt down the ramp from the stage to the green room.

bopa (my dad) hurtled onto the stage and began racing after him leaving the public to wonder just what danger weston was headed toward. about this time, ayla began her screech cry, piercing the reverent silence with a high pitched squeel. pastor jim miraculously continued to bless us with beautiful words of inspiration and dedication thru it all.

upon his amen, we turned to leave the stage and make room for the next fam when


maxer tripped over his own feet and smacked down hard on the stage. before even the steps. i smiled at the crowd while brad gracefully hefted max into his arms and proceeded down the steps to our table.

i escorted max and ayla out to the lobby so ayla could nurse and max could run wild with his buddies. twenty minutes of loud screams of delight, games of chase, sweat from the mothers' brows while trying to contain said children and the night ended with cookies and coffee.

we ran for the van, and further broke the door making it impossible to load ayla's carseat in place.

by the time we got home, our darling daughter was baptized, our boys traumatized, our van in disrepair, and brad and i were exhausted.

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