Wednesday, September 8, 2010

adventures in cadillac

we took to the road on saturday and headed up to cadillac, joining brad's family for some celebrations. it was quite a momentous weekend what with baby bear is turning 2 this week, auntie debbie turning 40 next week, grandpa lampen's 70th birthday, and Carlos' Gotcha Day. Needless to say, spirits were high as we departed saturday afternoon. much to my delight, ayla slept the entire two hours, bear took a mini nap, and maxer remained quite entertained with jimmy neutron the movie, asking if we were there yet only every couple of minutes.

when we did finally get there, we unloaded the entire back of our van into our camper which is conveniently parked at the wenke's cabin. our stay was just one evening, but the amount of stuff i packed would provide comfort aplenty for a family of 17 for an entire month. whoa. after the rest of the clan returned from an outing, the boys promptly began shooting at clay pigeons.
my sons were thrilled with this activity, bear dressed the part of a navy seal in training:

while maxer dutifully yelled for everyone to cover their ears when the clay pigeons were released.

that evening, we feasted on pulled pork bbq's and sue's cake (the meiste family recipe that no celebration is complete without).

everyone slept great in the camper despite the frigid temperatures in the am, rendering us ready for the day ahead. while most daddy's golfed in the morning, we played hard outside and in. ayla slept hard in the arms of people who adored her. ps- how presh is the headband from auntie amber?!

what a fun weekend spent bonding with our incredible family and counting our blessings for all the reasons we had to celebrate this weekend.

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  1. Love it- thanks for the pics :) Glad to see you are adjusting well to a family of three. We are missing the Meiste's over at the Klein household! We will have to plan a get-together in the near future.