Thursday, September 9, 2010

happy birthday weston bear

my baby boy, my second son

being your mommy is so much fun!

as we celebrate you turning two

we recognize what makes you you!

your climbing ability rivals a monkey's skill

of playing outside, you never get your fill

you got your handsome looks from dad

that makes daddy proud and the girls all glad

you mimic your big brother's words and deeds

max is your best bud who happily leads

happiest when covered in dirt and grime and mud

you are such an active boy, no day is a dud

now that you are ayla's big bro

there's even more about you we are getting to know

for example, you are protective and sweet

not so gentle, but your kisses cannot be beat

you are a perfect fit in our family of five

such a joy to celebrate your being alive

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