Saturday, June 19, 2010

pool day

friday was hot hot hot. determined to get outside and enjoy the sultry weather we had been waiting all winter long for, the boys and i headed to our "park". after swinging for tens of minutes, it quickly became evident the mama was the one working hard in the sun while the boys were enjoying the breeze on their swings. new plan: kiddie pool. filling the pool became another challenge as every time i would sneak into the house to quickly get snacks, or clean up something or other, or get a little warm water for the pool, max and wes quickly pointed the hose at another target, saturating the already super wet ground and leaving the pool relatively empty. auntie kels called during lunch and a plan was set in motion to spend some time at the dykstra's pool. perfect!

the boys were delighted with the idea and quickly (about a 30 minute process) suited up and loaded into the veen. kels greeted us at dykstra's and we headed right for the water. it was amazingly refreshing. perhaps the best feature was the frog we found swimming in the pool. oh maxer was beyond excited. the giggles, and whoops, and hollers that he emitted while shooting the froggy down with water or scooping it out and slamming it back into the pool were precious. though these antics could be considered animal cruelty, kels and i were less interested in the frog's well-being and more interested in maxwell's excitement.

bear focused primarily on snacks and rides on the noodle and the tube. he did assist maxer with locating and screeching about the froggy. quite the co-conspirator this little one!

thank you so much to the dykstra's for allowing us this fun break from the summer heat. the pool felt delicous and the company was fab!

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