Monday, June 21, 2010

happy fathers day

my sons are blessed with an amazing daddy.

bradley is a beautiful example of how to be a godly man, i am so grateful my boys can watch him to learn by his model. thus, i have written an ode to brad:

you are a fabulous daddy to our sons
you teach them about golf, and shooting squirrels with guns

they are learning more from you
with each experience that is new

you work so hard every day
so on this farm we can stay

living a life full of joys
playing each day with our boys

maxer and bear love you so very much
they seem to always prefer daddy's touch

when we see your truck drive in at 4
our excitement urges us to the door

to welcome home our fave man
you love us so well as only you can!

please note: this post is a little late as i had writer's block yesterday while attempting to get discounted drugs at perrigo with shoeless children while brad was out golfing with brian zoet BEFORE golf league claiming the event was "work related". trust me, the only relation to work was that they work together, and then golf together. however, i have completely moved past any and all resentment and the poem proves it :) love you brad

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