Monday, June 14, 2010

home again

we are back at the meiste farm after another amazing week of camping. this last trip was to hungry horse and included all our fave things about camping: beautiful bonding with friends, delish camp food, late nights and late mornings, park time and sun sun sun. last week was punctuated by a few notable events however:
take this example of clever ingenuity crafted by my very own husband! he wired a wagon to the old trike we received as a gift from some elderly campers last year. the kids always want a ride so brad made it possible to give several of them a ride at once! the pedaling was difficult and the safety nonexistent, oh but it was fun! later on in the week, brad had quite an accident with the trike resulting in some pulled muscles and bleeding leg. he is recovering nicely.

one of our fave features at hungry horse is the kiddie pool. this pool is only foot deep and is perfect for letting the children play while the mama's watch from the sideline without much fear of drowning. the one time i did have to jump in and help bear, i only got my feet wet! my boys spent about as much time getting ready to go to the pool as they did in the pool, but they still enjoyed themselves immensely in that time :)

of course the first day was not over before bear took a spill. he was riding his bike down the large hill right by our camper and wiped right out. minutes later on the merry go round, he knocked his teeth into the metal and bit his lip. blood, blood, everywhere. the child is a little accident prone.

our first evening we got some delish pizza cut into HUGE pieces. the best part was how we ate that pizza for several meals, therefore not needing to cook additional items. love that!

this trip also included a hayride! as i was a little late in buying the tickets, we had a ride with just our fam and random little boys. intimate. my boys had a riot!!

all in all, another delightful trip. we are happy to be home, but eagerly anticipating our july journey!!

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  1. Sounds like so much fun! Poor Brad and Weston...but this makes for great stories and memories later! Love ya...Mary