Wednesday, June 16, 2010

our retirement plan

on a beautiful summer night, or really any night, my boys love to be out on the golf course. we find plenty of excuses to get out there and hit some balls. winding creek is oh so close and beckons us often. possibly one of my fave pastimes of the summer as it involved some beautiful father/sons bonding, and i mostly stay seated in the golf cart making encouraging comments and producing snacks from the diaper bag. on sunday, a fellow golfer commented that brad had brought along his gallery. i took that statement as a compliment, and a mission.

one of the very best parts is getting to watch maxer in action:

seriously, the child is 3 and can already outhit his mama. we did not fully recognize the rarity of maxer's ability until we handed bear a golf club this summer. whereas maxer started making contact and perfecting his swing at 18 months, wes still utilizes the one-armed chop method. not to pressure the child or anything, but maxwell's success and resulting generosity to his parents would really do wonders for our retirement. ;)

bear thrives at keeping me company in the golf cart, or wandering around the course pointing out birds, bugs, and rocks. everyone has fun and learns a lot. makes us wonder if baby #3 will round out the foursome, or bring a more feminine dimension to our outings... either way, we can wait until august to find out!

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