Thursday, February 4, 2010

Good Night, Sleep Tight

tucking my baby boys in at night brings me such joy. i love snuggling them down with their various pillows and blankies, praying with them, and kissing them all over. peeking in at them while they are sleeping just overwhelms my heart with peace and joy. look at this precious little baby bear:


lately, my own exhaustion and nausea has really overtaken me at night. i literally have to psych myself up to bring the boys to bed. it is mostly the knowledge that once they are asleep, i can go to sleep that gives me the motivation i need to bring them to beddy bye.

last night i got bear down and had nothing left. i prepared maxer with jammies and love and a diaper and then kissed both he and brad as they were nestled together in the nest watching dirty jobs. as i was collapsing into my bed, maxer comes running in and says "i wanna kiss you goodnight mom", which meant he wanted to tuck me in this time! i thanked him and closed my eyes and he climbed right in the bed, patted my cheek, kissed my forehead, and whispered his "i love you". oh, i slept good resting in that sweet gesture.


  1. ADORABLE! Just goes to show what a wonderful mommy you are :)

  2. My nephews are such precious jewels!!
    Love and prayers, Amber