Friday, February 19, 2010

Grandma's Home!

brad's parents, the lampens, migrate to florida to spend the winter months in a paradise of golf and warm weather. however, every now and then, grandma braves the winter weather and heads for holland. we cherish this time with grandma and soak up every moment we can. grandma came home on friday afternoon and we have seen her every day since! the boys captivate grandma with all their newest tricks, while i keep her busy with laundry to fold. (hey, she asked :))

here the boys are showing her their artistic skills involving play doh.

as you can see, maxer is delighted to have grandma home. we all are! as her trip winds down to her departure, we are reminded of how important the moments are with people we love. we need not do anything spectacular, just be in one another's presence and appreciate the relationships we have been blessed with.
mom is on her way to florida today and the difficulty of a long distance relationship is looming ahead yet again until the lampens return in april. until then, we have lots of memories and lots of love to tide us over!

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  1. I just noticed that your kids really like the top of the table :0)! Almost every pic at the kitchen table is with one or both of them hanging out on top of it! So fun! :)