Tuesday, February 2, 2010

His Brother's Keeper

the boys are at a point in their relationship where their bond is super strong. i recall spending many anxious moments worrying whether they would get along, and thinking of how to foster a healthy brotherly relationship between the two. that was time wasted. though they can fight about toys, tattle on each other, and get in one another's faces, there is such love.

these days, maxer gets all older brother protective regarding how brad and i treat his brother. it is so precious, and sometimes slightly frustrating. like when we try to punish bear for throwing food off of his highchair by slapping his hand, max will say, "don't hit weston!" or if i put bear in timeout for throwing toys down the stairs, max will yell at me "he doesn't like to be in timeout". the discipline process gets a little complicated then. thank you maxer for defending your bro but he is naughty. just back away max or you will join him.
these little glimpses into max's protective demeanor are ones i just cherish.

i am so excited to see how another babe enters the mix!

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