Monday, September 8, 2014

The beach

Today began gray. The forecast was for lots of hot, but the beginning was drab and dreary and rather demanding. Ayla jo assisted me in the making of zuchinni bread (the boys fave). Good news: we produced an amazing loaf. Bad news: we produced a disaster in the kitchen/dining room that somehow became fruitful and multiplied as we Meiste's are known to do.

I watched the radar like a hawk. Between the radar obsessing, picking up of bread making,  playing pet store with blue (who by the way has some bargains right now on dogs), and pulling various wrappers, cards,  and sharp items the cute little baby Molly mouth, it was hard to be productive.  So after some mac and cheese for lunch,  there was a break in the clouds that only  meant one thing in my mind: beach.

After hastily grabbing a suit for ayla,  I suggested she pack a few things while I raided the laundry (I am not telling whether it was the clean or dirty pile) for some towels. Suddenly the slow sluggish morning gave way to a speedy, sparkling afternoon.
During the drive, the guilt set in.  I felt bad for getting an afternoon at the beach without my boys.  To make it worse, they were all either slaving away at school,  or supporting this beach outing by working.  Then I really just missed having my sons along.  Then I thought of the state I left the house in ... not good. Then I recognized we were well on our way, no turning back now baby!

Oh am I thankful we went.  The waves were huge! Crashing all my worries and sadness with their beautiful power! The sun was shinning bright, reflecting off the water and dazzling us with its shimmer! The water was cold and refreshing us after the monotony of laundry and wiping of the table and picking up the tractors. The air felt cleaned after the rain. The beach is like balm to my soul.

I could feel myself smiling the entire time, letting the sun warm the corners of my heart cold from missing my boys.

Ayla jo got right to work collecting stones and other treasures that washed up on shore. There was a man using his metal detector in hopes of discovery as well and he had a discard pile of objects he didn't desire to keep so blue happily rediscovered his junk.

Despite continued chewing and drooling, no teeth have popped through for molly. I am thinking the abrasive sand and teething toy combo had to make some progress. 

Lucky for me, cupcake is always willing to take a break from her running to smile for a pic.  In other news, after the inaugural soccer Saturday, Brad and I decided that though ayla jo is really fast,  maybe she is more of a gymnast/dancer type than hand eye ball coordination sports.

Molls thrives here; with the senses on high alert. Love the chub. 

So grateful for a God who meets us here. 

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