Tuesday, September 16, 2014

6 years of bear


Happy Birthday!  The day you had been waiting 364 days for is here!  Daddy and I love this day almost as much as you do son. For today we celebrate you, and you are worthy of much celebration.

You are so dynamic,  bear. Every single aspect of your life is deeply felt. We love this about you. It makes you an awesome storyteller, an incredible defender/protector big brother,  and an enthusiastic receiver of gifts.  Seeing your devastation (because everything is either super wonderful or tragically terrible) breaks our hearts, but witnessing your joy fills us with gladness.

You are really doing great at school.  Last week you decided not to go, and I literally dragged you from the suburban to the building while you fought mw. Once inside the door, the principal blocked your escape.  Never did you stop smiling, or fighting.  Max walked calmly in ahead of you. Mrs. Pitcher pulled me aside when I picked you up and told me that she asked you what was making your time at school so bad and you replied "sitting".  Even though you don't love school, you are so smart and you work hard.  We are proud of your efforts and happy reports at the end of the day.

This year you are also playing soccer again. Oh we sure love watching you in action.  Your first game this year you scored at least 15 goals. I stopped counting because wow. You are so driven and work  crazy hard. You hate watching max. There is whining and pleading and so much boredom. ( I think you may be a bit jealous to not be on that team with your bro and clay)

You have such a beautiful heart for people.  You are quite concerned with grandma lyn's health.  You despise when molly is crying. (Mom! Take care of molly! ) the troubles others face move you. Even when kids move their clip at school you either defend them or are worried that they showed no remorse.  I am so excited to see how God uses this for his kingdom. Your sweet heart and bold spirit are such a strong combination for a warrior for the weak.

We celebrated your day with donuts with daddy first thing. I had blown up balloons so they filled the hallway outside of your room and that delighted you lots.  At school you handed out these plastic leap frogs tied with ribbon and stickers. (Non food birthday treats this year required :/). You loved gifting these to your friends!   When you came home, we opened up some cool Legos and a great loader from mr. Wayne. Dad took max to soccer and you and I labored over the Legos. After a supper of lasagna (homemade per your request), you opened up the rest of your gifts (stuffed eagle, little chair, and skateboard). You entertained us all with your sweet moves on your new wheels.

Setting aside the day to love and celebrate you is so much fun. You make every one of our days special and exciting. We pray for God to continue to equip us to parent you in a way that harnesses your passion to bring Him glory and teaches you to find the blessings in all circumstances.  We love you so bear bear.


  1. Love it! His personality reminds me so much of Luke!

  2. Love this description of Weston and his day! The "Mom! Take care of Molly!" comment made me laugh.