Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Back to school

Dear Sons

This morning I gently woke you with excited whispers of " happy 1st day of school! " you both smiled before even waking completely.  Already grieving our lazy summer morns, I immediately began your chosen breakfast: mini microwave pancakes.

Bear, you were lightening fast, at the table immediately chatting about the enormity of your planes light up backpack crammed with school supplies and the new shoes you insisted we purchase from costco because your preschool pair were " tight".  You scarfed down your pancakes and said yes to every lunch suggestion I made.  You were so excited.

Max, you eventually,  calmly made your way to the table. I think you were a bit nervous,  you asked for only 3 tiny pancakes.  You knew the drill and went from task to task of getting ready diligently. You carefully selected only a few lunch options and moved the fastest when you ran upstairs to get the egg lunch cooler daddy won for you at a golf outing. You explained to wes about lockers and leaving indoor shoes at school.  You wondered about the new students and lamented not having Dakota back in your class.  When filling out a questionnaire about second grade last night, you said your closest friends were "everyone".

Dad arrived home to accompany us to sandyview.  After he got over the shock of what "on schedule" means to me, he quickly jumped in the preparations, finding ice packs for lunches and matching shoes. We piled into the burbs and daddy drove us the short distance to school. On the way I prayed over your days. That you would feel jesus' presence and bring him glory. We were early, don't get so used to the earliness, without dad's support we tend toward the tardy. We all got out, except molls, to walk you to the door. Smiles abounded as you remembered the mommy loves me and Jesus is in my heart farewell.

Daddy and I stood outside watching you through the window. I desperately tried to come up with small talk with Mrs geukes in order to have a reason to stay. The time came to release you boys into the building and away you went, waving, smiling, anticipating. My heart both danced at how independent and confident you boys are,  and broke at surrendering two of my greatest loves into the care of sandyview.

The walk back to the burbs brought tears from mama and smiles from dad. We are both so proud and so adore you precious boys.  You boys make my life so fun. I missed patting your cute heads  as I passed you today. I missed your sweet and entertaining commentary on life. I missed you. But I am so incredibly grateful for your ability to go to school. And for sandyview,  an awesome school filled with amazing staff and students.

Daddy prayed again when we got home because I was a little weepy without my handsomes.

Finally,  3:30 rolled around and I happily loaded up the sisters to retrieve you. We were so excited.  Ayla jo dragged me right inside the lobby to try to get a peek at you waiting in line. We saw you both waiting patiently with smiles. You ran my way when e leased and I hugged you both close as I rapidly shouted questions. How was your day?  Was it fun? Who did you play with? Do you love your teachers?

Max, you answered calmly with yes or good. Bear, you had a fun day. Mrs pitcher wore a dress. He made me something that will make me cry. It's for dad to. Remember kissing hand?  He read that and he helped lots of kids cut out their hearts. You saw each other on the playground,  but chose other kids to play with.  You both anticipate a wonderful year.

 Great job today sons. Daddy and I love you deeply.


  1. love it! and this made me teary as I thought about doing this one day with my own babes...