Monday, September 8, 2014

5 on Friday

We made it! The first week of school successfully completed!  I so tired! Here are my top 5 faves from the week:

The boys first week of school culminated in me working tonight. So day after day after day after day of me roaming the house missing the boys turned into a night of me roaming teermans attempting helpfulness to the customers while still missing my boys, and now really missing my girls too!  Now that I am home and the adorables are all snuggled in bed I am again reminded that this is the sweetest place.

LaCroix water
  So random. But this sparkling water? So yum. And refreshing!  And exciting with the bubbles.  Plus a splash of flavor! Why haven't I ever had this before? Love. It.

Air conditioning
The air was so humid today/tonight it felt oppressive. Work would have been misery without a/c. Trust me. I drove the sad and  broken Tahoe to work so Brad would have at home the reliable vehicle in case of an emergency with the babes and not only was their extreme bad smells, but there was no air. And the rain was coming down in torrents. So I had to breathe through my mouth and sweat it out to work. #firstworldproblems

Yea or no
Bear has recently adopted this phrase as his main method of communication.  He will ask a question and immediately demand a yes or no response. Example: mommy? Mom, mom. Are we going to see someone today? Yes or no? Yea? Or no? It's hilarious and not rude really,  just expectant.

So we went to this tractor show this weekend and allowed the adorables to each bring $2 of their own money for the flea market. It is so entertaining to watch them choose.  This particular market has a lot of... well, crap. But that doesn't stop my babes from wanting some!   While the other two immediately wanted to spend their money on anything and everything,  max was so careful. He wanted to walk the whole thing first then go back and find this one particular vendor with nascar cars including souvenir hoods. Even though the car is probably already lost, I thought his international and contemplative spending to be so darling.

Happy weekend!

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