Friday, August 16, 2013

week one

 After one week of campimg, I am happy to report all is well. In fact all is amazing.  The adorables are having a beautiful time of bonding and playing and biking. I am just so content to get to spend my days in the sunshine chasing after my favorite peeps. Clothes are typically dirty and hair is tangled,  but the fun is flowing. the boys discovered a croquet set buried in the back of the camper and cannot get enough of setting up a course and slamming the balls through. We have been reading and coloring and playing made up games with cards and dice because those are the things we brought along and they are enough.

When I live simply here at the campground, I am reminded that not much is required for a life of  peace and joy. Actually,  simplistic living enables me to really appreciate the best parts of life, relationships and people and not so much the stuff. the lord is really teaching me about needs and wants through getting groceries only when we dont have food for lunch and doing laundry only when there are not undies for tomorrow.  Contentment is a blessing.

Upon arriving back to the campground after a long walk, bear returned announcing that one of the horses he spotted was pregnant.  Curious,  I asked wes what he thought pregnant meant.  Weston says "when you are really nice". priceless!  so basically he thinks whenever we revealed to people our big news, we were really telling the world how nice we are. Love that child. also, let it be known, the boys are considering baby simon as an alternative option to ralph. brad and i are not.

Ellie nyhof turned 8 yesterday and we were honored to celebrate with her this momentous occasion.  Logically,  we partied at craigs cruisers. With the buffet,  the games, and the gocarts, craigs was the perfect location to demonstrate our thankfulness at having such an exceptional little girl in our lives.

maxer is especially appreciative of the birthday cupcakes

Our little prinpress ayla jo was so fascinating to behold. looking around at all the mamas holding newborns in little carriers, it was quickly apparent my baby blue is no longer so baby. She raced around keeping up with the brothers. When she was to little to drive a mini go cart, brad took her along on the side by side adult carts. Those things are superfast but cupcake was cheering the entire time. When we moved indoors and attempted frogger, a bouncy ride that lifts the children high in the air then plummets downward,  the operator expressed some comcerns about little aylaroo being just qualified to ride. Little girl's enthusiasm won him over and she smiled and kicked and screeched way more than her biggest bro. In fact, max did not enjoy the frogger experience at all.

Today we finally relinquished to the darlings the $20 we promised them as a reward for taking such great care of the puppies.  Bear has shed many tears regarding his confusion on money and spending.  I think i may have developed a system involving a baggie and lists and lots of patient explanations that will help teach the adorables the value of a dollar..  So wes made  his first purchase.

A disgusting marshmallow squeeze goo thing which he hated.  Hoping for some life lessons to be learned.  The other kids havd not asked even once to spend their cash, though they have spent plenty of ours. (max favors candy secrets, also known as candy cigarettes) Such differences in those three littles!

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