Tuesday, August 13, 2013

hungry for camping

We r enjoying day 5 of our second camping experience at hungry horse campground.  the  timing is ideal as summer days are fleeting and school quickly approaching.  therefore, this trip is all about savoring summer.

Though the trip started a bit rough for the nyhofs, involving a super late arrival due to some camper issues, we have settled nicely into camp life. I have consumed 3 novels already and plan to finish #4 momentarily.  The temps have been unseasonably cool, so the fires feel beyond delish. Swimming hasn't lost its luster for the adorables despite the chill.
Ayla jo is quite the little fishy. she starts running for the pool as soon as she has donned her cute suit. her fave is the baby "cool". the 2 feet of water suits baby blue perfectly. she packs her ponies and teaches them how  to go undah. darling.

the brothers are way brave in the pool. swimming lessons did not work out this summer, but this pool time has improved their skills enormously. max is not comfortable  swimming underwater without plugging his nose so brad bought him a nose plug in an act of pure genius. now maxer is swimming stronger with two arms .  we have already lost the noseplug twice, once underwater and once in the chaotic camper. so now we have two because the lost were rescued.

Nyhofs returned from a trip to camp america with a treasure: a hammock.

 we r quite appreciative  :)

Maxwell made some friends again this trip. as a mom, its so wonderful to see my son forming his own relationships.  max is so sweet natured and thoughtful. He is considerate and really fun. what a blessing to watch others appreciate him to. 

the adorables have discovered a new exciting camp adventure. they walk the hayride trail leading to the horses and residence of the campground owners. Its a long journey for the babes, taking them 20 ish minutes to complete. the children are also never visible to val and me once they depart. fearing that a kid or two may be lost, we arm the babes with a cellphone and instructions to call with updates. feeling brave and mature, the fabfive set out and val and i eagerly await for a call explaining they are by the hill or horses or road. None of that really means a lot as we are not really familiar with the trail.  we are comforted to know thsy are safe however.

during todays voyage, a man approached us moms asking if we owned a large dog who may be lost in the woods. once we assuured him we did not, he then mentioned it might be a coyote he spotted in the woods. so val and i  split up to locate our kids before a coyote found them. all is well. we welcomed the cuties home and they immediately became distracted by the bouncey house. and even tho ayla suffered a scraped knee and aubrey bit her tongue, and bear hurt his foot, it still seemed safer than a coyote hunt. 

Poor bear has been a bit accidenct prone during his wildness. The first 2 days he crashed his bike. The first time he was attempting to ride down a large hill backwards. Lesson learned. now max just came racing up proclaiming wes is hurt bad. i walked quickly til i met  another mom carrying my wailing son. upon reuniting with weston, kris explains he was stung by a bee. this is a very dramatic ordeal and he is hysterical talking to me about how he has never been stung by a bee camping and he was not bothering it at all. he insists we must call dad very soon to ell him about this tragedy. 

 So brave! praying tomorrow is less painful but just as memorable.

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