Wednesday, March 9, 2011

the stow co

i am hired!

the stow company, formerly windquest, is now my employer. when first married, i worked as the administrative assistant at windquest and adored my time there. when the opportunity to come back as a scanning specialist (well, this is the title i gave myself) came late last week, i eagerly explored the possibilities. my experience as an employee the first time was incredible. i so enjoyed my job, and seriously loved my coworkers. much to my delight, many of my coworkers have remained at the stow company and we were reunited last night.

previously, i worked closest with barb and kristi. spending all day beside two of my fave people was such a blessing. to get to come back, in a much different and tinier role, is just so cool. to be honest, i was nervous yesterday afternoon as i marched right into the lobby. my life has changed dramatically since my last visit. now i am a mother of three, not a cute little sparkly newlywed. despite my misgivings, people seemed to relate to me like old times and i easily fell back into my working girl comfort zone.

most entertaining was experiencing what people most remembered about me. my knack for writing emails, enthusiasm for heating our home with a pellet stove, and over the top exuberance were brought to the forefront of my existence again. fun.

also fun, doing a job that
1. offers monetary payment, a vivid contrast to my usual cooking cleaning and caretaking for the reward of a happy and grateful family.
2. remains done, also, distinctly different from the vacuuming i do daily only to put the vacuum away while watching the boys chomp chips without the use of their lips.
3. requires real clothes. i dressed with no thought to ease of nursing access. not one part of my ensemble yesterday contained elastic.
4. involves adult interaction. with great adults.

my 5 hours a week is sufficient for now, giving me a super opportunity for professionalism and returning me back home without much time away from my babes and hubs.

my homecoming was def the best part of all. baby ayla still loves mommy best. the boys appreciated my presence more, and brad was beyond proud and excited about my reentry into the workforce.

my fave job of alltime is still motherhood. for example, nothing can compete with our cherished teeth brushing session upon my return. bear spilled toothpaste on his leg and stopped me when i tried to wipe it up saying "thats for the teeth on my leg". clever and strange child


  1. i didn't know you were thinking about working outside the home! good for you! so amazing that you were hired back there!

  2. You go girl- now who's super mom?!?! If you ever need anyone to help out with the adorable Meiste munchkins, please don't hesitate to call. Emma would love to play with the boys and I would love to cuddle that precious princess of yours :) Love you lady!