Friday, March 18, 2011

the luck of the irish

well, i do not really believe in luck. i do however believe in the irish, and am especially fond of their shamrock shakes. yesterday was st patricks day, that is really the only reason behind that title. and what a day it was!!

my dear friend jessica invited us to go feed the duckies yesterday morn. let me tell you, i despise any winged creature, but my children adore them. or the act of throwing things at them, even if it is in the guise of food. so i put my fears to the wayside and bundled up the kids in spring outerwear, savoring the few extra minutes saved by weather so beautiful it did not require finding matching mittens or stuffing maxer into his way to small snowpants.

the whole way to timber town, maxer clutched an old bun to offer the ducks and weston shouted "we going bye bye!!" excitement was at an all time high. while i was pulling in, jessica and emma was pulling out, describing the utter lack of ducks due to the frozen state of the pond. she found two ducks. despite the small numbers of quackers, the kids whipped bread in their direction with zeal. the ducks mostly stood on the ice, suspicious of the racket we made and of the flying food.

also, i have to mention, there was a dead pigeon floating in the water. my mind made me believe it was only ice until jessica pointed out the head at which point my knees gave out and i had to check on ayla in the van to stop myself from gagging and or fainting dead away. thankfully, the children did not notice that part of the pond, though maxer asked what was wrong with my knees.

so, ducks fed, we went to play. the boys raced around that park like wild animals unleashed. until they had to pee. we trekked all the way to the bathrooms, only to find them locked for the season. so we did the next best thing, find a tree. the boys were in their glory, watching eachother pee and soaking that poor tree. fear not, we were quite far from the public at this point so no one else learned our inappropriate behaviour.

after working up quite the appetite, we all ventured to burger king. we invaded the restaurant and devoured mostly ketchup, with some fries, nuggets, and burgers thrown in. as i left, i noticed my hair was a rats nest of frizz, my boobs were leaking milk soaking my shirt, and my clothes were covered in ketchup. so thankful was i that i had some times to gather myself before work.

at work, i was rewarded with a shamrock shake. oh heavenly. i clutched that thing like my life depended on it, carrying it back and forth to the copier and my desk.

overall, the day was one to remember for our feeble attempts at duck feeding, and the deliciousness of minty shakes.

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