Monday, March 21, 2011

experiencing spring

with the warm up we experienced this weekend, we made the maiden springtime voyage to the outdoor discovery center. anticipation was at an all time high as we dressed the boys in multiple layers of clothing either slightly big or a bit to small. maxer was proudly sporting his brand new toy story three rain boots we purchased the night before from meijer. these fell decidedly into the slightly large category as meijer provided only 14 pairs of boys boots to choose from versus the 17000 girls boots. maxer did not mind the size discrepancy at all and adored them, chatting about which character he most liked and showing us when mud got on buzz. with enough extra pants, coats, hats, and mittens to provide warmth for every kind of weather pattern that michigan has ever experienced, we were on our way to an adventure!

baby ayla was back in the stroller, her first time since florida where we experienced even colder temps than the springtime warm up on sat. ayla jo found the outdoors quite entertaining, that is until she fell fast asleep 10 minutes into our walk. both boys were absolutely enamoured by their discoveries. maxer pelted us with curious questions regarding that "airplane with the swords sticking out", the wind turbine. bear dutifully picked several dead flowers and presented them wtih great pride to his beaming mama. maxwell and weston found nests, dead fish, and lots of animal tracks.

the way back to the sandbox proved difficult for the explorers. their little legs were lagging. brad swooped (a very careful, gentle, protecting his back kind of swoop) bear onto his shoulders while i attemtped to balance maxer on the stroller handle. bad idea. he crashed down and landed on top of the sleeping beauty. there were tears. from three: mommy, the cutie who was crushed, and the apologetic and tired big brother.

thankfully, all recovered just fine and we finished the walk without further incident. sprintime can be dangerous!!

what a beautiful day with which to welcome the springtime! we are all anticipating many more of similar weather without squashing babies.

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