Monday, February 7, 2011


we left the house.

that is not really the milestone i am referring to in the title, but thursday evening did seem quite momentous after not leaving the house for days on end except for dr's visits and prescription pick-ups. the reason we left the house was to attend maxwell's preschool open house.


now that is a milestone.

though it was maxer's night to meet and greet the teachers and explore the rooms, the entire fam came along mostly out of necessity as brad was still unable to hold any children, making him rather not so helpful when home alone with sick babes that need to be held. bear may have been slightly more excited than max, but i think that was just because we were leaving the house. he repeatedly proclaimed, "i go in the veen" every four minutes as if to remind me that he was destined to leave this sick house. he was looking a little cabin crazy...

we clamored out of the veen, and invaded max's future school. oh how presh. as i was heavily laden with paperwork, baby ayla, diaper bags, and coats, my focus was mainly on just trying not to drop anything, especially adorable ayla. she is beautiful, that daughter mine.
i was handed the number ten and we all proceeded to the room full of toys and learning manipulatives to await our turn to sign up.

good news: max did not cry. or cling. he has been asking me for a long time if i was going to leave him. he refers to preschool as the leaving school. he tells me he will go when he grows up. he is clearly a little nervous. which makes me a lot nervous. nevertheless, i lead by example with enthusiasm, excitement, and overall hyperactivity geared toward the fun of education. (this behaviour was apparently evidenced by my loud announcements regarding my hope for 50 chicken nuggets to make their appearance at my superbowl sunday festivities. i have no recollection, brad just mentioned this on our way home.)

all in all, we left with maxer signed up for preschool in the fall. we are on the waiting list to get into a class with one of max's bff's, but have secured a position in an afternoon session just in case.

i truly am so excited for my son to begin his journey into the adventure of education. what a blessing for him to become empowered by knowledge. as a former educator myself, i anticipate the transformation and independence that come with becoming educated. i so look forward to facilitating his learning and celebrating his academic accomplishments.

clearly, he is ready. look at that face.

as we sat down to pray before our dinner on thurs evening, brad praised the lord for his faithfulness in maxer's development and asked the lord's blessing on max's marriage and future family as if that is the next big stepping stone in maxwell's life. here i interjected with a more day by day prayer of praise and blessing.

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  1. omg. max is growing up. this milestone is huge! lynds, im always smiling and snickering as a read your blogs about your fam. makes me feel closer to you while im away at school...
    praise be to God for His faithfulness in your amazing familys' life!