Wednesday, February 2, 2011

emergency room, take 2

as the weekend progressed and brad's pain slowly began to subside, ayla's illness seemed to worsen. truthfully, i wondered if it was just my perception as i got more and more exhausted with little sleep and lots of caregiving. both ayla and bear were coughing so hard they would vomit. so that sucked. brad felt well enough to say, "hey, bear is puking" and "is ayla okay?", but not well enough to, like, move. or hold ayla jo at all. that was all me. after waking again at 5 am monday morning, baby ayla was wheezing and hardly able to nurse. i got dressed, started the veen, and roused brad out of another drug induced sleep. he apologized for his inability to really help and off baby girl and i went. the good news was that brad was home to at least turn on a movie for the boys :) except bear broke our dvd player, so he turned on toons. anywho, we raided the nyhof's camper that they are storing in our barn, found a dvd player in there, and went ahead and utilized that technology later that evening. thanks guys. :) sorry about the stealing.

we arrived at zeeland community hospital and were ushered right into a room where ayla was diagnosed with croup and rsv. the doc was super nice and told me his son just had croup so bad his trachea almost seized up. well, that sounds awful. he said rsv babies were "happy wheezers" because they usually still responded with smiles. i looked at ayla. she was not happy. but she was a wheezer! she responded to a breathing treatment in the hospital, so they sent us home after dosing her up with a steroid and giving us a prescription for an inhaler.

as the day was young, i went ahead to meijer to fill the script where i saw the adorable and familiar face of beth klingenberg. as i was on the very verge of tears, she asked what was wrong and i held the tears mostly at bay focusing on the fact that ayla is allright and not being admitted and whatnot. i shopped around for 20 until the albuterol was ready. but really, it was not ready because meijer did not have an infant mask and spacer. so the pharmicist called around to walgreens while brad called me in a panic as he had to leave for the chiro asap.

ayla and i departed for home, her pitiful, wheezy, hoarse cry breaking my heart in the backseat. brad departed as i walked in the house. i was feeling a little better about life just knowing ayla was okay and brad was retrieving the remaining meds. i say this as a disclaimer, i did not know how high he was on the pain meds when he left. but leave he did

once he finished his chiro therapy, brad calls with massive confusion at walgreens. little did i realize it was drug induced. finally, after 45 mins, we got things straightened out and he had the spacer and mask in hand. when bradley arrived home, he was giggly and slightly delirous. i made him stand still and asked what was going on. the truth came out, he had hit a van in the walgreens parking lot! no damage to their van, so he left. the scene of a crime. when asked why, he told me that last time, when our runaway cart hit a car in the menards parking lot and left a big dent, it cost us $500 and we already spent gobs of cash on dr's and prescriptions this weekend. oh. no. our van has minimal proof.

during lunch, he got the hiccups and would belch a loud hiccup, only to giggle and cry in pain afterwards. i just cried. sometimes with a smile, but really. what. the. heck.

so here is where we are. felons. sickies. back achers. basically, crazies. we keep reminding ourselves this will be super funny in like a year. it is already laughable. in a sad sort of way. thank you to my sweet sis in law for the latest meal installment and for all the prayers and love coming our way from friends and fam near and far.

truly, all is well. just needed to blog vent. i feel better already.

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  1. Hokey smokes sis. I am speechless. I hope your team of sickies get well soon!!!