Tuesday, February 22, 2011

bear and the potty

weston decided it was time to get rid of the diapers and be a big boy. as we were home, day after day after day, trying to heal, i allowed bear to wear undies. he was completely motivated on his own. i certainly attempted to get him on the potty on time, but did not make him sit on it until he wanted to try. this technique resulted in several accidents for a few days, and then, he just started to go on the potty. we celebrated, we ate candy, we danced, we sang, we flushed the toilet. so exciting. bear was beyond proud.

such a different experience with bear than with maxer, again demonstrating the incredibley distinctive characteristics in my boys. maxer trained just before his third birthday, in three days. no turning back for that boy. he was even dry through the night right mere weeks after his training was complete. awesome. bear has also been dry through the last several nights, though i do put a diaper on him so as to give me a break from additional necessary laundry.

so proud of my big boy!

friday, we had the honor of a playdate at christ memorial with our dear friends the grassmids. the kids and i were beyond excited. playing with hunter, leaving the house! whoa. bring it on. i came to the indoor play area armed with three changes of pants and undies as this was really our first public appearance with the newest potty peer. not to mention the excitement of finally leaving our home almost made me pee in my pants, let alone bear!

while playing, bear did wonderfully. he has this precious potty dance that involves a lot of moving around and high stepping and extreme distraction. i noticed this happening and threw baby ayla at kirsten and ran bear to the potty. he was not so sure about using a large public restroom toilet. i mean, they are huge, have that gap in the front of the seat, and do not play songs. who can blame him?! so i had to hold him on the potty. while encouraging him and balancing him and coaching him in the peeing, i began to feel all warm and fuzzy. well, more warm and wet. i forgot to assist with the aiming. weston surely peed on the potty, just not so much in the potty. he got me instead. and his own pants a little.

still real delighted in the fact that it was not the usual type of accident, i celebrated wes and changed his pants. kirsten congratulated weston and then sweetly asked what happened to me. i explained i had an accident with bear's pee. i felt much better after kirsten assured me that pee is in fact sterile, and she could not smell me from across the table.

since that fateful day, bear has successfully filled his little potty with poop and pee galore. he has not begun standing to pee. unfortunately, bear is considerably shorter than little maxer was at this point in the training because he cannot quite reach into the big potty. so he uses the little potty as a stool. also unfortunate, his aiming remains terrible. after every pee, i have to clean that entire bathroom. eeew.

gross, but hey, no diapers for weston! hip hip hooray!

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