Monday, February 28, 2011


often times, brad will come home from work, look around the house and gently say some comment very similar to, "what did you do all day?"

if i take a moment to breathe and reflect before ramming my defense down his throat, it is true. the house looks much the same as when he left this morning. perhaps there are different toys scattered on the floor and different articles of clothing mounded in the laundry room, but all in all, there is not a lot of change. however, my day was full. exhausting. completely without dull moments.

i am a lister. most days i will begin by making a list and adding to it as the days goes on. i do this in the same notebook that i write down a bible verse to reflect on for the day so as the list grows, i always have that little love letter from jesus at the top to center me and keep me from calling it quits. the last entire week, calling my grandma has been on the top of that list. it is now monday again, and i still have not spoken with grandma. so you can tell what happened to the rest of the items on my list. they did not happen at all.

how is this possible? my days are obviously not full of much productivity, or cleaning, or cooking, or crafting. yet, they are always maxed out with so very much good.

not always tangible good, but good nonetheless. most every day, with very few exceptions, my days are full of these three.

mornings are spent

warming juju's to the perfect temp, then putting them back in the fridge to cool.
attempting to fill the void where bear puts pancake after pancake.
gathering the crumbs from maxer's poptarts of which he only eats the middle, not the "crust"
changing baby aylas diaper, then her clothes and diaper after another explosive poop.
reminding boys that ayla is still a baby, so gentleness is a must when playing peek a boo
kissing countless owies on bear's head from falling, running into walls, and getting hit by golf clubs wielded by max
bargaining candy for a little assistance in picking up the thousands of balls scattered from the golfing
bringing snow inside to prevent from bundling and bringing one and all outside
laundry galore
hide and seek

afternoons are spent

teaching of numbers, letters, sitting, colors, songs, rolling, talking
lunching, praying, clearing the table
settling kids down for naps
tromping upstairs to remind boys of naps they are supposed to be taking rests
various cleaning attempts that are without fail target areas when rest time is over
reading books
hunting boys down to find the latest naughtyness
changing diapers, undies, and entire outfits as messes are made and soaked up with articles of clothing
building towers and knocking them down
quick pick up before brads arrival

evenings are spent
preparing, eating and cleaning up after supper
showing brad all the tricks learned through the day
falling into bed exhausted

the days sure are full.
full of fun, love, playing, learning, giggles, some tears, conversing, and kids.
my days are full of mothering.
never has life been this fun!
thank you jesus for these days. may i fill them with you.

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