Monday, January 10, 2011


sometimes, i mean a lot of times, i ask myself and anyone who may be around me at the time why we live in michigan during the winter. it is cold, really cold. single digits cold. the kids all get colds. frequently. our skin gets dried out with the furnace and pellet stove producing heat. it takes approximately 3 hours to get everyone bundled and out the door for anything. driving is hazardous.

and then, we get a day like saturday.

instead of whining and complaining about winter, i stand in awe of a god who created such a beautiful season. the trees sparkle with frost. the ground glitters when snow covered. the flakes fall bringing peace and tranquility.
brad gets to play like he was designed to with his boys. ruggedly, outdoorsy, utilizing the mule and other rather frightening toys.
what a precious proud papa!

and the boys play


old toys become new again as the snow adds another dimension to our play.

look at this cuteness, a bundled bear. how precious! watching him experience winter as a two year old is such a blessing. he can hardly move, yet still manages to make his short jaunts outside magical.

thank you jesus that we live in a place that we can experience all the seasons with intensity. you are a creative, loving, awesome god and i bless you for showing us these aspects of yourself in the changing of seasons.

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