Monday, January 3, 2011

4 month well baby check

though my sweet baby girl is closer to five months than four, we had her four month well baby check up today. and she is a well baby! hooray! her rolls are multiplying and her development is right on track. what a blessing. dr lund noted that if her eyes had not begun to change yet, they would most likely stay blue. my eyes are blue. that makes me super excited and oddly proud she got that from me. hopefully she does not inherit the sticking out neck veins as displayed in the photo below taken by maxer.

this precious little one is so protected by her big bro's that they insisted they come along to her appointment. bear continually reassured me that he is a kid and not a baby, therefore he does not need to talk to dr lund, or even look at her directly. after each procedure, bear said "not weston's turn. only aya".

max would whisper quietly to me about how good his sister was doing. "look mom, she is doing so great!" and she did.

while we were awaiting dr lund, things were a little backed up as dr lund just returned from vacay and we had a midday appt, the boys explored the handless garbage can, and played with toys all over the table. also, we took pics as the camera was left in the diaper bag since florida and was not lost. (i feel the need to declare when i do not lose things as the times when i do lose things are way to frequent. that is my new years resolution, to be more responsible and less messy. kirsten, can you come over and clean again? just kidding :))dr lund's ability to maneuver amidst the toys was impressive. ps- bear did not sprout a mole on vacation, that is a spot remaining from the chocolate santa i had smuggled in my diaper bag to distract my boys from wreaking havoc on the dr's office. it lasted until we were seated in the waiting room, then they confiscated any and all snacks and promptly scarfed them down.

ayla is seriously a delight. a wonderful baby, content and happy most of her life. we were reminded again and again how adorable and good of a baby ayla jo is while out and about in florida. she spent most of an entire week bundled up in a sling, or stroller. she would smile and coo whenever spoken too. here we are at gatorworld, feet away from real gators. here's max climbed up onto a display, directly next to a sign prohibiting such behaviour., directly above a seemingly hungry and crabby gator. thankfully, it was to cold to really get the gators moving, so he was safe. ayla is the cute pink blob strapped to my chest.

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