Wednesday, January 19, 2011

anxiously awaiting

the dryer is coming! the dryer is coming!

sat, the dryer gave up on clothes drying. it tumbled like a champ, but the wet clothes were just dizzy and still wet at the end of multiple cycles. thankfully, i was distracted by my awesome girls from highschool who came over from near and far to bond all together. this day of fun and food and friends still created a mound of laundry at the end. being a farmers wife and all, i assembled the drying rack directly in front of the corn stove and draped clothes all over it.

guess how well that worked? not. 24 hours later, most clothes were still damp.

over the last few days, i have discovered we are completely dependent on a dryer. we go through way more than a load of laundry a day. my room is currently an explosion of dirty clothes. there is literally laundry baskets full of clothes needing washing along every wall. eew. towels seem to be what make up most of our loads as there is lots of spilling and bathing happening on a daily basis. example: monday, kendra, katie, and ryan came over for a final farewell before kendra left us for albuquerque, new mexico. during their short stay, my boys spilled two glasses of water all over themselves and the table and the floor while dipping candy in them. well, there shirts came off, towels came out and the washer was full once again. towels take the longest to dry so i just keep rotating them around the corn stove.

i realize the ridiculousness of blogging about a dryer, but i have come to understand that the dryer is like a family member to me. typically very dependable, helpful, and warm. without it, i am lost in a maze of dirty laundry, left only with special occasion panties, and the one shirt i can manage to get dried amidst the smelly farm laundry from my husband and the little boy accident laundry from my kids that take priority over the i spilled pop on my jeans laundry of my own.

brad took us all shopping on sunday morn for a replacement. at first i was all fired up, making friends with the associates at menards, taking notes on prices and makes and recommendations. at lowes brad was tempted to take a dryer, a laptop, and whatever else struck his fancy. sears and the headache started, abc warehouse and i was faint with hunger for fast food and apathy for dryers. monday morn brad committed to fixing the broken one with parts from the three previous broken dryers still residing in the barn. there was cursing, crashing, and a new resolve to put up with abc warehouse. tuesday evening brad left with the truck to pick up the dryer we picked out at abc. he returned with a receipt from northgate and a promise of delivery today between 2-4. though i had no say in this dryer and in fact have no idea what to expect, i am eagerly awaiting northgates delivery peeps. there is a load of wet clothes in the washer, ready to be dried. and there is hope in my heart, and joy in my husband, hunting and gathering appliances for his fam.

i may have been commenting (or complaining) about the lack of clean clothes when brad calmly pointed out i would be an awful amish woman.


bring on the maytag. or whirlpool. whatever. bring it on

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