Friday, January 21, 2011


ayla is officially a roller! she has maneuvered her way from back to tummy four times now and could not be more presh. so sweet.

her first roll was in an impressive effort to attract baby luke's attention while he and his adorable mama were visiting from nashville.
aylaroo quite impressed herself in the process.

her second time was no less monumental, but i was not there to witness. i discovered her already rolled and not appreciating her arm being pinned beneath her while one her tum tum. roll number three occurred last night during grandma lampen's welcome home visit. ayla accomplished several close calls, and grandma could not bear to see her get so close without actually completing the roll. so grandma encouraged, and demonstrated, and practised. grandma was rewarded with a roll at long last. fourth roll happened this morn during our good morning jesus devotions. praising jesus in rolls. hallelujah

baby ayla jo also n currently wears size 6-9 month clothing. while my heart grieved a little putting away such cuteness, it quickly rebounded watching the different pink and lacey outfits come out of various tubs donated by dear friends to dress my darling daughter. we are on ensemble number two today just because i had to see it on her. adorable.
not to be unnoticed, the boys also provided me with such delight today. here are two quick stories that left me smiling and so thankful for the babes in my life.

while dining at the greatest restaurant known to man (mcdonalds) with my sis in law, niece, mom in law, and childrens, we caught the attention of the sweet mentally challenged employee. actually, i am sure we caught everyone's attention with the running and screaming and overall disruptions, but this particular employee is the subject of my story. while sweeping the entryway, she entertained my boys with funny faces and noises. the boys giggled while this girl acted as a puppy, and manipulated her face in an array of forms. she then gently placed her hands on maxer's head while he was checking out the toy offerings. finally, she commented on how cute ayla was while auntie amber held her. immediately following that observation, she again saw bear and told us that "he is cuter. sorry." oh we laughed. glad ayla will not remember.

i mean, bear is beyond adorable. this cannot be denied.

as we were leaving, maxer informed me he actually wanted to firetruck he saw in the mcdonalds toy case. i gently explained that we could not choose the toy and should just be very grateful that mommy sprung for a happy meal and they got any toy at all. maxer did not appreciate my answer and in an attempt to get me as upset as i had just made him, he says, "mommy. it is NOT your birthday"


i love motherhood. and now i must return to it. certain nappers are sneaking downstairs and fleeing back up them whenever i sneak a peek their way.

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  1. YAY Ayla!!! So glad I was there to witness her accomplishment! I miss mommy time with you already. Life would be much sweeter if i could spend at least a day a week with you. Miss you my sweet friend.