Tuesday, January 19, 2010

thank you jesus we can go camping

each and every prayer, max utters this phrase in his head-nodding, eyes closed tight way. we have not gone camping since last fall, but clearly we made some lasting impressions on the little man. thus, on sunday, we loaded the veen, and headed for grand rapids for the rv expo.

as we entered the city of grand rapids, maxer's eyes opened wide and he asked us "where are we?" yeah, we really dont get out much :) we explained that we arrived grand rapid. the parking garage was another exciting adventure. "i like this" max said.
we were joined by our great friends the nyhofs and boy did those kids have a good time. wes joined in full force. they were all tearing through those beautiful campers faster than we could keep up, squealing with delight. we parents were delighted also, it was so interesting to see all the innovative features; my fave was an outdoor kitchen!

when the kids started to get a little restless, i whipped out some suckers which seemed like a great idea until i noticed the sticky and vibrant stain they leave behind on $300,000 motor home upholstery. things started to get a little out of hand when max climbed right onto the driver seat of a super nice motor home and began honking the horn. inside devos. i bolted right out of that rv and ran into brad who reminded me that hellion was my child and i was responsible for stopping that honking. oh yeah. i grabbed maxer man and headed to the next aisle hoping no one would notice it was we who blared the horn. alas, a couple caught called me out on the honking boy and i merely distracted them with some made up story about how he learned the honking from brad's driving or something. sorry brad, that was not true i just panicked!

the fake fire really captivated the kids. they could not leave their hands off it, oh well, better the fake stuff than the real!!

there was lots of reminiscing of camping trips gone by and anticipation for camping trips to come. we all left excited about our own campers and much relieved they are already a little used and abused because in a short time our kids have a way of making themselves at home; and our home is usually in a state of destruction of some sort or another. we like it that way.

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