Friday, January 22, 2010

little critters

we have a way of collecting animals around here. i mean the pigs are intentional, but we also have an assortment of dogs, cats, and now a little ladybug.

You can clearly see from max's face that he is absolutely delighted with the little guy. We spent the entire day with his new pet, who he named "ladybug". (obviously he has my creativity...) were it not for max's beautiful adoration of ladybug, the bug would not have lasted for long. personally, i really love people, but not really any other living thing. that may seem harsh, and i do enjoy eating other living things like various plants and animals, but bugs and other creepies i despise. ladybug sure is grateful max found it and not me.

maxer diligently collected those various crumbs to feed his friend. i use the term crumbs only to make myself feel better for those large hunks of food were found on my living room floor. eew. they are so big, the crumbs are practically crushing ladybug, but still, not whole chips.

later, we built a park for ladybug out of play doh. let me just say, ladybug's life was forever changed. and so was maxwell's.

*** update: since this post has been written, ladybug found a new residence in the garbage. even more crumbs :)

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  1. Love it Lynds- your boys are too cute :) Can't wait to see you!