Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mr. Wayne

one of the bonuses of living on a farm is the feed truck. at least once a week, a large hamilton farm bureau truck rolls into the driveway to deliver food for the pigs. maxwell and bear get real excited to see this. during the winter months, they respond to my yelling of "here comes the feed truck" by climbing up onto the window seat and pressing themselves to the window in order to watch. in the summertime, we occasionally watch the feed truck position itself at the feed bins and dump all that corny goodness. the boys and i find the whole process captivating.

mr. wayne is the man behind the wheel of the feed truck. he is always ready with a smile and a wave. once, he even came to our rescue on a sat. i made him some bread as a thank you and an apology. he was really gracious.

so on tuesday brad came home with a present. he announced to the boys it was for them, and tho i was only slightly disappointed it was not for me, my happiness for the boys was solid and grew even when brad told us it was from mr wayne. inside were two coloring books and a new pack of crayons. that sweet man! i love our boys, and when someone else does an act of love like this, it just warms my heart. we sure are blessed!

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