Wednesday, October 9, 2013

this day

Whenever I use the phrase"one of those days" I will forever and always refer to this day.

Things started at the usual frantic Monday morn pace. Does max have his homework?  Is it finished?  What about lunch, baggie books and a water bottle?  Is bear packed for school?  Does he have enough layers to keep him warm but not to hot at little hawks?  Is his rain suit packed?  then what about ayla jo? She had been running a temp since Thursday afternoon, and it had been high. Like 102 to 103 range.  She was miserable,  and my mommy anxiety was in high gear. So while assembling the troops and the gear I was also talking to drs and scheduling an appointment.

We quickly neared our time of departure,  so I started relocating the adorables from the house to the veen. That's when the chaos intensified.  After 2 out of the 3 babes were locked and loaded, I attempted to start the veen. Fail. Several tries later the veen still would not start.  I pregnant waddled/ran to the barn where old faithful stood at the ready.

The venture. 226 thousand miles of sorta dependability. buried deep inside the bowels of the barn, I made little effort to clear an exit path and hopped in. Brad has been building a new barn door with dan nyhof and the evidence was everywhere,  so its possible I may have hit a few discarded boards on my way to save the day and get my boys to school on time and take my daughter to the dr. But that's the best part about the venture,  not a problem if its wounded in battle.

So we reloaded all the babes and they giggled all the way to school about how stinky the van is and how smooth of a ride it is and how funny it is to have a vhs instead of dvd. At bear's stop, the neighbors exclaimed how silly it was for us to be driving that old van. I turned the venture off while dropping off wes as the venture tends to overheat while idling. Then I started it up, which took a little convincing.. Baby blue and I were back on the road , heading home to hook the new van to the charger and then run to zeeland for the dr.

All was well until m40. At the stop sign, the van died. Battery lights and check engine lights blinked and then faded til there was no power anywhere.  I called brad fast and furiously,  like 8 times in 3 minutes to no avail.  Then a random pulled in behind me, waiting to turn. So I hopped out and sauntered to her car in a spastic fashion.  She fearfully rolled her window down and I told her about the veen trouble and suggesed she just go around. Being the good Samaritan that she was, she asked if I was able to get ahold of someone for help. I answered honestly,  that nope I could not but that someone works just down the road so i plan to stroll over there. Nice lady offered me a ride, so I quickly grabbed my purse, the keys, my daughter,  her carseat and my pregnant self and shoved us all in her backseat for a quick trip to zoet poultry.

When we arrived I thanked kind stranger profusely and threw most everything except for cupcake into the tahoe, vehicle 3 for the morn. Then I began my search for my hubs. I wanted to give him his cell phome currently being charged in the Tahoe and let hime know about the abandoned vehicle waiting for his attention on the road before I commandeered his mode of transportation.

Launching myself into the egg room I bobbed and weaved and uttered the name brad as if it were a plea. Sensing my urgency,  one of the Spanish workers sprinted to house 7 and I lumbered behind awkwardly.  Brad took one look at this parade and rushed to my aide. He got us settled in the Tahoe and assured us he would handle the rest.

I sped off for zeeland physicians and prayed we would find some answers to help Aylaroo feel better. What we discovered next continues to confound us.

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  1. Thanks for the wording change and sorry for the freak out! Love you guys! :)