Tuesday, October 29, 2013

big day

Today was big.
I attempted to prepare as much as possible for the happenings,  but bear still arrived at little hawks without his backpack. I sort of panicked thinking possibly max had grabbed Weston's by mistake but couldn't find maxers remaining in the van and really recalled being intentional about watching max march into school with his own backpack strapped to his back.  though I was a few minutes early,  there was no possibility of returning home and driving back before little hawks started.  Besides, I am the only one who carries that thing. I found some passable indoor shoes in the van, and prayed that the rain would hold off till after the hike so wes wouldn't need his rain suit.

Wes was reluctant to leave the van. By reluctant,  I mean he mumbled/whined about  not wanting to go to school.  The backpack situation didn't help his morale.  I bravely forced enough enthusiasm for the both of us in my voice and dragged bear to school . Once I signed my son in, he skipped joyfully to miss lonna and giggled while he guessed what he needed to write on miss lonna's whiteboard.  relieved and confused,  I waddled quickly back to the veen.

Ayla and I were off to moms in prayer,  a group of committed women who come together twice a month to pray for sandyview, and our children specifically.  In a word, awesome.  blue calls this her school, so anticipation was high for both of us. During drop off at the nursery,  cupcake suddenly got terrified and I left yelling I love you over her shrieks. Confused and concerned,  I met the other mama's and prayed. Well, that's just beautiful. Hearing my sons and their school leaders,  fellow students, school employees,  and upcoming events covered and claimed aloud in prayers of women all around me just lifts my heart and spirit.

When the hour was up, I approached the nursery with trepidation only to find my daughter happily snacking and playing with a pony. So shes a bit dramatic.  Not news for us. Aylaroo and I then  headed to dollar general for a quick stop for some items we would need later and then headed to little hawks to retrieve bear. He had also worked himself out of his grumpies and was proud to show me his collection of colorful nature items discovered on today's hike.

Thankful for this turn of attitudes,  I fed the littlest adorables and soon packed them up again to visit baby's dr.

7 months pregnant!

Woot woot and panic happening inside.  Since I brought our tablet,  im not even certain bear knew what we were doing or where we were.  the little girl seemed to be delighted to be at a drs appt that was not for her. She willfully and enthusiastically told drs and nurses alike that she did not have a fever and was going to be a big sister. Prinpress must have brought up Kawasaki syndrome at some point with my nurse because by the time dr olsen entered the room, she had already heard all about it.

When we were able to focus our attention on the littlest meiste for a heartbeat check.  Well as soon as dr olsen placed that little thing to my tummy, baby trigg's (just trying out a potential name, not a for sure )  little heart filled the room with its gallop. Ayla looked at us with wide eyes and yelled,  "the baby's coming right now!" Aw. we assured sister that was  not the case and dr olsen somehow ended her time with us by telling me to eat more pizza and ice cream before reaching out to hold ayla jo just for a minute because ayla is so sweet.

Well. Who can argue that?!

We were back on the road to pick up the oldest. Another sweet reunion and then another quick drop off at home so I could turn around and head to conferences for max. Brad stayed with the babes because we both feel I am the most excited about anything school related.  Mrs valz was waiting for me as I stepped into her classroom.  She was having a glass of soda and I have literally been craving coke ever since. Believe it or not, this meeting was about max and not me. And max is doing so great.  Right on schedule with his academics, and an excellent boy in terms of behavior.  Mrs valz only recommended working on penmanship,  and speed with his math facts and reading.  Super minor, but good suggestions.  I am so proud of my first grader. The principal,  mrs geukes, mentioned that she overheard a student saying he wanted to be just like max because Maxwell makes good choices.

Maxer requested that I purchase some chocolates for mrs valz and give them to her during conferences. He made a little card and I was honored to pass that along to Maxwell's teacher. She was very grateful.  In fact,  max received a thank you note from mrs valz a coulle days later that is still haning prominent on our fridge. That recognition was so appreciated.

Max, I thank the lord that we get to be your parents. You make us so proud with your dedicated work, positive attitude,  and awesome choices. I pray you continue to walk  with the lord, being a strong leader.

Weston,  we thank jesus for blessing us with such a passionate and fun son. I pray you continue to learn to process and communicate your emotions and use them for God's glory. I know the lord has big plans for you son!

Ayla jo, we praise the Lord for our little prinpress.  We rejoice that god faithfully redeemed your health and pray that he continues to bless you with healing.  May you rely on Him for as he is our rock, the only fortress in this world.

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  1. You look super cute and that baby looks like its growing great! Keep up the good work!