Wednesday, October 23, 2013


we have been home for a couple days  now and our gratefulness has only escalated. we are so thankful for the lords faithfulness throughout this ordeal.  grateful that Jesus opened dr lunds eyes to this rare syndrome.  Grateful to live so close to such phenomenal pediatric care. Grateful for aylas returned health, sass and all.

We are living these days with a newfound awareness. Today's blessings of health and relative simple existence are not guaranteed for tomorrow. and instead of recognizing this truth and being frozen in fear, god grants us a spirit of love and grace and promises to be enough for the circumstances we find ourself in today.  For even though that drs visit completely took us by surprise by resulting in an almost week long hospitalization,  he was not surprised.

And even during those frightening days  filled with questions and pain for the prinpress,  god graced us with his beauty. there he was, gathered with us as brad and I sat on our baby's bed and prayed boldly over her. He was there in the quiet afternoons when I managed to untangle cupcake from the wires and hold her on my lap in the rocking chair as I sang praises over my daughter.  He was present in the nighttime struggles with aspirin and in the pretty sunrises we viewed from the huge windows in Aylaroos room.

When the brothers came to visit and heightened sisters spirits likenothing else could, jesus was there in that security and comfort of family.  when daddy and the boys left, and the girls couldn't stop their tears at being stuck in the hospital another night, it was jesus who stilled our troubled hearts.

Everything seems so much more manageable and enjoyable at home. I feel so privileged to get to bring my boys to school and pick them up again. Packing maxers lunch, while annoying,  is an opportunity I missed when at helen devos. Listening to my little girl use her own voice rather than the perpetual whiney whimper she employed at the children's hospital is so precious.

So things are back to normal.  Nights are sometimes filled with harvest , leaving me with the adorables alone. there is much wild rumpusing happening,  currently in the form of tag. Wood pellets are spread from one end of the house to another since we are utilizing the cozy heat of the corn stove and the babes take that as an invitation to work as wood pellet farmers, hauling toy tractor and wagon loads from living room to my room and all the rooms in between. A large assortment of stuffed animals now proudly display all of aylas hair pretties and jewelry.  Normal is nice.

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