Thursday, September 5, 2013

the birthday grill

Our sweet ayla jo turned 3 this week! She is such a beautiful blessing in our family.  Every day we get with her is such a gift! We experienced her big day at the campground,  a perfect place to celebrate the cupcake's little life. She climbed out of her table/bed and found me still snuggled in mine. Happy birthday prinpress, i said. Happy birthday mommy said she.  Aylaroo spent the day wishing happy birthday to everybody who spoke it to her.

Apparently blue had found some starburst candies on her voyage from her bed to mine, so she enjoyed a fruity breakfast in bed as we waited for her brothers to awaken.

In the meantime, we downloaded several my little pony youtube videos and cuddled. Each time a brother woke up, we added him to the bed of birthday hugs.

Once I released the adorables into the wild outdoors , Aylaroo quickly joined the nyhof girls in a massive sidewalk chalk creation of our group home. ( My room had a hot tub, eager for dan to begin the construction ). Soon val arrived bearing a bag full of my little pony parafanali for the birthday grill. the my little pony crayons and coloring book kept all the adorables busy for quite awhile. there was a confrontation regarding rainbow dash because she is a blue pony and the  brothers deem it acceptable to color ponies that are blue, a boy color and the limited number of available rainbow dash pics was troublesome.

Soon enough, the masterpieces were completed and the camper doors were flung open and the adorables were let loose. Bless her heart, ayla jo opted for a stroller ride.

I savored this stroll, contemplating how amazing it is to have this pony loving prinpress in our lives.  my baby blue has such spunk, entertaining the entire fam, and sometimes weston's teachers when they are attempting to asses wes and gather info for his school year. (seriously, miss lonna had to hold ayla on her lap to prevent her from shouting wat h me run fast and loop the kitchen table at top speed)

Baby blue chattered the entire time, screeching with delight when we passed a brother or nyhof girl. she is social!  Cupcake referred to her shirt as her golf shirt as she had worn it when we all went along on a golf trip for the boys to sandy pines. Very aware of her wardrobe :)

Somehow, we managed to wait forbrads arrivalto open presents. The brothers  were insistent on a fast and furious approach to ripping open the gifts.

Good news, ayaylaroo got a pony. we visited the pool immediately following the present opening and roo brought along her pony in a new purse and proceeded to fling it instantly into the pool. 
The pony can swim, she yelled. 

We celebrated our little girl with both my fam and brads, relishing the opportunity to watch others delight in our little lovey. 

Lord, may ayla jo thrive in your perfect love that we so imperfectly demonstrate to her.  May we show her how beautiful and captivating you made her as she grows and develops so fsbulously. we recognize the blessing that is our daughter, and pray we will make you proud in how we , love and raise her. may she glorify you lord,  even as a 3 year old.

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